Are you living like a robot, programmed by your parents and society?

Do you know if you’ve been programmed? Do you feel free to say, do or wear whatever you want? Are you religious? Do you think a perfect life consists of going to college, getting married and having kids, getting a degree and working in that field for the rest of your life whether or not it is your passion or if you even like it?

Is that all what you REALLY want for your life? Would making your parents proud of you, make the inner you, satisfied with what you’ve done with your life?

I am not the wisest of all people but I am a truth seeker and within truth is wisdom. I have had years of contemplation, several near-death experiences and I believe that life is invaluable and should be treasured while you have it. One should never waste their life just to appease other people. If you don’t plan your life (or program yourself), someone else will, and that most likely won’t be to your benefit.

We have one thing in life and that is life. This is the ONE AND ONLY TIME that you get to be here alive. Do not waste it trying to fulfill your parent’s (or your friend’s) fantasies and religious belief’s their parents programmed into them.  

You don’t have to live the ideal life of someone, a generation before you wanted. Things change. The Cold War is OVER. We no longer should think we have to go to college, get married, pay taxes, have kids and die. There is much more to living than being a human clone and hoping nobody notices that you are a weirdo inside.


Psst! We are all weirdos inside and everyone else is hiding it too. Break out of the facade and be brave enough to let your inner weirdness out. People might be inspired by you and bust out of their illusion of normalcy also. You were not meant to be a robot you were meant to be a unique individual.

Screw it if people think you are weird … they just don’t have the balls to express their inner weirdness. Weird is good. People that talk shit about you are not the people you WANT to be around anyway. So simply tell them to look the other way if they don’t like what they see.

If they cannot pry themselves away from obsessing about you then just block, ignore or unfriend them. Seriously, even family. You are not a bad person if you choose to not listen to negativity from people in your family. They don’t deserve to be able to talk to you if they can’t be supportive or nice. You are worth more than that and bloodlines do not mean you have to be at the mercy to their passive aggressive comments for life.pexels-photo-320007

You don’t have time for that BS. You are rarer than any diamond. You are the ONLY YOU EVER. Take that bit of advice seriously when you think of picking up that call or responding defensively to a hater’s text. You don’t have to defend yourself to them. That’s not your job to prove your worthiness… just know you are worthy no matter what ANYONE says, have quiet, unbreakable confidence.

So to recap, realize that is YOUR job to program yourself how you see fit. Relationships will come and go throughout life but the one you have with yourself will be with you till your last breath. So, you might as well get along with yourself, do work that you are passionate about and live your life according to your standards.

50 KKK members met by 1,000 counter-protesters in Virginia and an eye opening message to KKK members

The KKK had a protest in Charlottesville, VA last Saturday because of the city council’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, and other Confederate memorabilia, from Lee park. They also plan to rename the park, Emancipation Park. A court order has ended the statue’s evacuation until a November hearing.

The protest was to start at 3pm at Lee park. 50 KKK members showed up to meet a critical mass of 1,000 counter-protesters of the KKK, ready to throw down for what they believe, that their city is modern and diverse with no room for their nonsense. Getting through the angry crowds made the hateful group late to their own meeting. By the time 5PM rolls around, policemen were shooting tear gas canisters into the crowd to get people calm down, snap out of it and to evacuate the premises. At the end of the day 23 people were arrested along with a few people going to the hospital.

Klan members held signs filled with ignorance and hate towards blacks and Jewish people. When interviewed, members stated that they were there to protect white history and argued that white people alone are told they have no right to have racial pride. Personally, I (the writer of this blog) am a white, American but I have no desire to shove it in anyone’s face, nor do I have any thought of supremacy of any race. There is no race that is better than the other. Humans are human, they are all made of the same ingredients so therefore, they deserve to be treated the same as ANY other human no matter what. It’s really that simple.

It is so strange that the KKK still exists (somewhat) today. Does the KKK not realize that slavery is over forever? Or what century it is now? They have not made an impact at all with their white pride protests. They are a perfect example of “herd mentality” which is the thoughts and behaviors that people adopt from their peers because they are afraid of being outcast from the group.

It is a human need to feel that they belong to a group but I promise you there are better groups out there to be a part of, just use your critical thinking skills instead of blindly believing and following smooth-talking leaders. People in power know all about this phenomenon and trust me … they take advantage of naive, weak-minded people to fulfill their wishes. It has been occurring since the beginning of human civilization and the sheep are still none the wiser.


So, are you a part of a group (religion, political party or military)? I advise you to step back from the mental programming you’ve been through and see if anything seems wrong to you. Is your group hurting, damaging or hating anything or anyone? You have probably been subject to conformity. It’s okay we have all conformed in some way at some point in time throughout life, but sometimes, eventually we find ourselves and choose our own path in life whether the group agrees or not. You do not need the group to survive but they want you to think that horrible things will happen to you if you leave them. If you are a member of the KKK, or you want to be or you are just a huge racist then the rest of this message is for you.


If that doesn’t phase you and you are still gun ho about what the KKK represents then you obviously aren’t seeing the red flags.

Now it’s time for Fun with Flags (Sheldon Cooper would be so proud), that “confederate flag” you  are always waving around, like it means something, is not even the correct flag. During the Civil War, the South went through 3 different Confederate national flags, none of which were the Confederate flag we all know. What you KKK members are waving around is just an obsolete flag that was only used on battlegrounds, so they know which direction to shoot at. So, really you are just waving around a flag that symbolizes your ignorance. The real Confederate national flag looks like this :     3rdflag

The KKK started out as a Protestant (now generally Christian) group that uses a symbol of a cross with Jesus’ blood drop in the center, which symbolizes that they believe Jesus shed his blood only for the white people, which they think is the “chosen race” (what Bible were they reading??). No darlings, you have been very led astray. I (unfortunately) was raised in a strict Christian home, where the Bible was pounded into my brain constantly. According to the Bible the chosen race by god was… hold onto your cone shaped hats… JEWS! In fact most people in Israel were Jewish 2,000 years before Jesus even came around. In fact, JESUS WAS A JEW.

No cotton sheets will save you from this one…. JESUS WAS NOT WHITE. Yes it’s true, the Jesus figure you little clansmen hold dear to your hearts really was a poor, dirty, homeless Israeli. Over time his figure was morphed into an attractive, white, tall, blond haired, blue eyed man with glorious shimmering abs. I guess the higher ups thought that the “pretty Jesus” would draw more people into the church, in order to program more of society’s minds and taking 10% of everyone in town’s paycheck is a nice bonus I’m sure.

So, what if Jesus (from 2000 years ago) wanted to be in your Aryan group? He wouldn’t even have an option of joining your group because he isn’t white AND he’s a Jew. The 2 main things you spend all your time dwelling on how much you hate, is what the god you worship, really was.

So now you are awake, read on to realize more of reality.

US. Constitution ›

13th Amendment [Ended slavery in 1865… FYI it is currently 2017]

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

also take a look at

14th Amendment Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Don’t be so fearful of people you do not understand. The more you hold on to these antiquated beliefs, the more you are unknowingly increasing stagnancy and the deterioration of the human civilization. Take off your ghost costume, you aren’t fooling anyone. Put out your torches… it is the year 2017… you probably have a “flashlight” app on your phone right now. Slavery has been done with since 1865… give it up, you are not bringing that shit back.

So if you really are proud to be American then you should read the US. constitution, or read a history book or even watch a YouTube about the constitution because that is what a real American holds true. Also, your best choice is to walk away from this ridiculous embarrassment of a group called the KKK. The hate they preach will tear you down internally before it even occurs to others that you are filled with hate for them… for no rational reason of your own creation. All who read this are human and we are all equal everyone is welcome to join freedom. Where you are free to be yourself and make your own beliefs as YOU see fit.

Sorry, you are not allowed to adopt children

I currently live in Texas, and we have 4,000 children here in desperate need of a loving home, yet Texas lawmakers have made it legal for Christian-based adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples from adopting a child from them, no matter how qualified the couple is to adopt children. Even as a straight person, I feel that this is an outrage and really shows how stuck in time Texas appears to be. What happened to separation of church and state? Obviously they have not been informed about the First Amendment of the US Constitution that says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,…”.


Straight mother/father families are not necessarily the best thing for children (even if the Bible tells you so). There can be abuse, hate, rape and abandonment in these families. Being straight does not mean that your marriage will last forever, in fact chances that they will last forever are not too good. Being straight doesn’t even mean that you will be good, quality parents. We need as many good people as possible to adopt children that have no mother or father.

Gay couples have to deal with ignorant people that openly oppose their relationship, yet they stay strong and stay together. That is a strong love. The weak thing to do would be to break up and then pretend to be straight, and get married to someone of the opposite sex. What a horrible life that would be. Parents that are full of love are good parents. Especially since they want to overflow their love onto a baby or child that needs love.


LGBTQ people are usually highly educated and live in more affluent, safe neighborhoods. The perfect situation to raise a child in. Everyone who opposes them, should only be allowed to say anything if there is abuse or malice on the parents part (same goes for straight parents). You cannot change who people love no matter what bill you pass. So save yourself some time and save face from exposing your ignorance to the world and just get over it and let it go.


Haven’t these government officials read the Declaration of Independence or heard the “I Have a Dream” speech? “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.” If I could add a bit to Martin Luther King’s speech it would be “That men will not be judged on the color of their skin, [or their sexuality,] but the content of their character.” The intelligent thing to judge potential adoptive parents is by their character. Who you love does not make you a bad or good person (as long as your lover is on board with being with you). I really hope that Texas will wake up soon.


6 Reasons Why Dogs are AWESOME

In 2010, I was a broke, college student that could only afford to live in a horrible, run down apartment complex. The apartments were next to a convenient store that was on the news all of the time for shootings and other crimes.  I knew I would be on the lower end of the totem pole, living in such a violent, dangerous environment and being just a skinny, white female from the suburbs. So I knew I had to make friends with almost all of my neighbors. They were mostly all cool with me. Still, I was targeted (by one of my neighbor’s teenage sons) and eventually my apartment was burglarized while I was out shopping.

I knew I needed some security. At first I thought of booby trapping my apartment (LoL) but that didn’t seem like the best option… I needed something scary, loud and on alert 24/7. I needed a dog STAT! So, I went on Craigslist and found the cutest German Shepherd mix puppy. This is an actual picture of him as a puppy.

bizmr He protected me ever since then and made me feel safe, even if I was home alone and I hear gunshots at night. A few months later, Me and my pup moved out of those apartments and to much safer, nicer place.


2011-05-17 18.00.42-1

Dogs certainly are amazing protectors and guards, but they are actually so much more than that to mankind. Firstly, this man/canine relationship has been going on for possibly 40,000 years. Ancient people would hunt, feed their family and would leave behind their scraps from the day’s hunt and the wolves would reap the benefits.

In my mind I think that the smartest of the wolves realized, “Hey, these human things really know how to hunt, we should hang out around them more often!”. Being near each other all the time, I’m sure some adorable,spirited pup was curiously watching a human child playing and (being just a pup and no danger) eventually the child and pup would be playing together. Seeing that the pup is no danger to anyone in the human family, the adults could of easily been schmoozed by it’s sweet puppy-like face,

The baby wolf would want to do things for some readily available food and not do things to get yelled at and possibly not get food. So then the domesticated dog was born, the ULTIMATE schmoozers.


The dogs were not the only beneficiary in this relationship, humans benefited and continue to benefit, in many surprising ways just from the dogs being in their life. Having a dog is free 24/7 security from any threats (especially helpful for when humans lived out in the open basically). I always say “You can’t sneak up on a man with a dog”, and that is SO true.


Dogs are great for the human being’s health. Spending time with your pup can lower your blood pressure and if you do happen to have a heart attack, you are TWICE as likely to recover than people who don’t have a dog. Dogs can also help protect your children from skin conditions and allergies (studies also show that dogs improve kid’s self-esteem and coping skills).


When you are a dog owner it forces you frequently get off your butt and get out of the house and walk, even if you don’t want to do anything. Once you are outside with your furry friend, you feel glad that you got out and you will feel better when you get home.

Dogs save our lives with their loyalty to us and their insane, ultra-powerful smelling abilities. They are out their everyday, sniffing out bombs, we would have never have safely found on our own,so that they can be disarmed and removed.

Dogs can actually smell what is going on in our bodies, just by sitting near us. In fact they can tell subtle fluctuation in your body’s chemicals and hormones.2011-08-21 16.19.16

Dogs can be trained to warn epileptics when they are about to have a seizure, they can smell CANCER (which early detection can save your life). If the dog’s owner is diabetic, their pup can sense the dip in blood sugar and alert their owner to take their insulin shot. They can track down invasive insects like termites or bed bugs. They can even let you know when you’re pregnant (although usually they are trained to sense pregnancy in cows). They can actually smell minerals and bacteria! Amazing!

Dogs are like a no side-effects, antidepressant. I remember going through some rough times, but when I got home and spent like 15 mins with my pup, I felt a million times better. Just looking at that smiling face, that is so excited to see me, I can’t help be feel calm and happier. Even when I first wake up and my hair is a mess, wearing Pjs, and I’m still half asleep, my dog is looking at me like I am glamorous supermodel and my dog is in awe of my awesomeness. How can I be depressed after spending time around that?


In fact, studies have shown that playing with a dog will boost your brain neurotransmitters, Seratonin and Dopamine. These feel-good chemicals help you to feel happy, pleasurable and calm.



Although we cannot have a typical human conversation with our pups, over the last 40,000 years we have evolved to communicate with our furry friends just fine. I can look at my current dog, a red Doberman mix, Sadie (featured here) and I can tell her entire inner monologue. Me and my husband (he has a beautiful, black Great Dane featured here) actually “do” our dog’s voices and it is hilarious and I’m sure that is what our pups are really thinking.


True unconditional love exists only in fairy tales and religious books, but here in reality, people have conditions on their love for you. You could get too fat, too poor, too annoying, too anything, and they will be gone like yesterday. Dogs have been known to be abandoned somewhere and then they will travel thousands of miles to get back home to you. A great example of this is in the movie Red Dog, it was on YouTube for free but maybe try Netflix? Either way it’s a good movie and a true story of how far a dog will travel to find his owner. Also, I recommend the TV show “Wilfred” on Netflix.



Dogs know something us humans have struggled to learn, and that is how to live in the present. Dogs don’t mull over all the times they were called a “bad boy” or “bad girl”. No, they live in the now, and right now, and they are just happy to be here. We should all learn from our fellow companions that being happy for what you have right now, is a great way to live life.

So check out your local animal shelter or craigslist and see what kind of happy, furry face you could welcome into your family. I’d love to know your opinion, which dog breed(s) is your absolute favorite?

How to win the war on drugs

Since the dawn of society, there have been people who enjoy escaping their reality a little and let go of their worries for a while. Who could blame them? Life is tough. Archaeological evidence proves that people were doing opium and “magic” mushrooms 10,000 years ago. These ancient drug users were not labeled by the others as being a “bad person” from doing drugs in as much that drinking beer would make them a bad person.


The government is telling modern people that they cannot get their fix and so they must suffer in sobriety. The government may think they are all high and mighty, but there is no way they are going to deter a determined tweaker. The drug user can still make, sell and do their drug… they just can’t get caught.

If the government thought that making drugs illegal would slow down the drug cartels, then they are mistaken. It is because drugs are illegal that the cartels even have a business! If drugs were legal in the US then then drugs would be fabricated by scientists in the US and the FDA would have everything inspected for safety and stamped with approval before is reaches “the drug store”. The government has relinquished control over this huge industry. Just from the year 2000 to 2010, American spent about $1 TRILLION dollars on illegal drugs and only the drug cartels are reaping the benefits. In 2016, Colorado raised $140 million dollars in tax revenue from marijuana, for just that one year.


The only way to defeat the cartel is to completely SHUT THEM DOWN. Not by brute force, that obviously hasn’t worked so far, so why keep on this insanity? The cartel DEPENDS on drugs being illegal. If you legalize it then all over the country, drug connoisseurs would be studying to get licensed so they can grow and create their own brands of drugs and sell it to people nearby, thus improving the local economy, gaining taxes and creating jobs. Violence would drop significantly since their wouldn’t be drug dealing on the streets or cartels shipping drugs into the country.

We all must learn that there are people out there who will choose to use drugs, many of them you wouldn’t even know that they are drug users. Some of them are even successful and seemingly have perfect lives. But what you can’t see is, the childhood abuse or any of their past traumas that person may have struggled through. You might not be able to see their tormenting personality disorders that need treatment. If someone cannot cope with reality anymore, then drugs could be the boost they need to stay alive and possibly live a productive life.

Veterans and others with PTSD should be allowed to do their drug of choice. They have survived severe traumas that will affect them for the rest of their life. Many of them have considered (and completed) suicide to get rid of terrifying flashbacks and because of their feeling of inability to function normally in society. If they can just get high and smile a bit, life isn’t so bad.

U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration

In fact, it has been shown that LSD helps heal PTSD and depression. Many people do drugs because they can’t afford to go to a psychologist, doctor, or they see that pharmaceuticals have horrifying side-effects and they want a better alternative. There are no street drugs I know about that cause anal leakage!


Prison = Convict University


Throwing these poor souls into prison is the last thing we should do. Young naive teenagers and adults are being sent to prison for years when they probably are overall good, innocent people. The government doesn’t realize that they are sending this large group of the population to basically, “Convict University” where the drugs users will be taught all of the tricks of the trade by real convicts. They will learn new ways of burglary, stealing, types of guns, using rape as a control mechanism and of course the best places to shoot someone so they don’t narc on you! All free of charge for you! Brought to you by US tax payers, you’re welcome!

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

When the drug user graduates from “Convict Unversity” they will receive a permanently ruined background record which will ensure that he or she can NEVER get a decent, legit job again! So where do they turn? Crime! Only now they know all these fancy new skills to try out in the real world. Lovely!

Prohibition didn’t work… why would “the war on drugs” work?


Prohibition (ban on alcohol from 1920-1933) was detrimental to our country in many ways. It was setup by a Christian women’s group, among other groups, the women believed that eradicating alcohol would improve American family life, lower crime rates and improve the national character… well, turns out, they were wrong.

Prohibiting alcohol was bad for the economy, breweries, bars and distilleries were shut down causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. While the government thought people would start spending more money on other types of entertainment instead of alcohol, people seemed to stop going out all together. Many restaurants and movie theater revenues declined massively.

The government lost 11 billion dollars in taxes and spent $300 million to enforce the ban. People started making their own alcohol, which turned out to be basically poison. On average one thousand people died every year during the prohibition because of bootleg drinks. Some people were going blind from these make-shift concoctions.


People did not slow down drinking, they just were being more sneaky and were buying drinks from Joe Bob from the woods who whipped up his own made-up liquor (which could have who-knows-what in the ingredients). The same thing is happening in the drug scene, we are buying trash drugs from crooked, shady drug dealers, when we could have the drugs be taxes, inspected for percentage of purity per unit of drugs and the ingredients checked out and approved by the FDA.

If you were a drug user, would you rather buy it from T-Bone off the streets, or a real, licensed and authorized business? The companies would have the same quality every time, rather than buying from someone on the streets and accidentally overdosing. It would be much safer for everyone.

Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, they recommend addicts to get mental treatment to heal the underlying issues causing the addiction. They are not forcing addicts to do anything or even throwing them in jail. If you want to know what happens when a country legalizes all drugs, look to Portugal because 16 years after they legalized drugs, they are actually doing much better than before. They are not flooded with addicts and their economy improved.

Finally by 1933 the 21st amendment repealed prohibition, this was the first constitutional amendment to be repealed. It was obviously important to do so. Prohibition didn’t work, so why would a war on drugs work? We can see that the war on drugs has failed since the beginning. So why are we investing so much time, effort and money on chasing rabbits? There are bigger, badder things to focus on. The only way to win “the war on drugs” is to drop all laws on drugs, causing the cartel to collapse due to former customers choosing legitimate companies to supply their needs.

prohibition14 (1).jpg

The 3 secret powers of ADHDers

Maybe you are one of us? One of the few people that are lucky enough to have ADHD ( Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). I am here to tell you to not fear telling others that you have this “disorder”. Growing up we have been shamed and put down because of it. Teachers tried to discipline us, hold us back and even, perhaps unknowingly, completely discourage us from even trying.

They have labeled us as a “horrible student” or  that you are basically an idiot. Taking this route with ADHDers is never fruitful. The ADHDer will eventually believe everything you have called them. If people truly believe something about themselves, you can bet they will become that.

Do not discourage a young mind with your words, no matter HOW frustrating ADHDers can be. I know, I know …. we can be a pain in the ass. ADHDers seemingly don’t listen, they flake out, they don’t do what they are supposed to be doing because they are wrapped up in their latest project… that they have been totally absorbed in for hours.

Which brings me to the first secret power of ADHDers… HYPER-FOCUS.

1. Hyper-Focus hyperfocusHeader

Hyper-focus is a special magic power that a lot of ADHDers have. Granted they have to be really interested in the topic of the project but then they will jump in head first and explore every nook and cranny of the subject. This is an indispensable trait of many of the world’s masters throughout all time. Fellow ADHDer David Neelman (CEO of Jetblue Airways) has stated “One of the weird things about the type of [ADHD] I have is, if you have something you are really, really passionate about, then you are really, really good about focusing on that thing.” so ADHD helped him become a success by hyper-focusing on his passion.

2. Ultra creative thinking

680  tumblr_mzcyqu2vML1qjdw9qo1_400

Being ultra-creative is the ideal state to be in at this point in time because with the internet, people are expanding their minds at a faster rate. We all have the ability to share our voice, art and self with the world to help solve problems, expand minds and to entertain. ADHDers are notoriously funny and entertaining.  I mean who doesn’t love to hear or watch an ADHDer being themselves?

Notable creative ADHDers that the world loved would be Robin William, Justin Timberlake, Kurt Cobain and Jim Carrey have been very good examples of this.


tumblr_inline_na942xKchg1qzn2uf   martha-birdcage

I don’t know for sure but I suspect that Kristen Wiig, Lucille Ball and Chris Farley are other examples of entertaining ADHDers.

tumblr_mcilmhqpst1rxis0k   kristen-wiig-gif-dancing2     farleyr       giphy    tumblr_mdba9fP0de1qc8ot5  1999344


3. High intelligence


Many people with ADHD are extremely intelligent but they are held back because they have not yet taught themselves how to harness this great power. Having a high IQ doesn’t mean that you are immune to ADHD (or other mental disorders). If the ADHDer can figure out how to handle their hurricane of thoughts and ideas, then success is imminent. The feat of harnessing this high speed brain can be quite exhausting and many ADHDer suffer from depression.

Albert Einstein - history

A very famous person who had ADHD is Albert Einstein! He stuggled in school and he even failed his entrance exam for the Zurich Polytechnic but he still went on to change the world with his self taught, creative theories.

So if you are an ADHDer, the next time you are discouraged by people who don’t understand you, just understand that you are in a group of that includes some people who have grown through the adversity of ADHD and excelled immensely in life.


You just need to find what really sparks your interest and dive in. Once you have dove in, have patience with yourself, you won’t immediately be a master at it. Everybody sucks at first, it just depends on if you keep doing it or not. Just keep doing whatever it is and eventually you will get really good at it. Then find a way to profit from it in some way (there’s always a way) and there you go, you’ve shown everyone that ever doubted you, what a badass you really are.

The truth about gay marriage

If you still believe in ancient texts like the Bible, Quran or Koran, Talmud … any religious books… you might believe that gay people are sinners and do not deserve to have rights like you do (even though you are a sinner as well).

If people are not hurting themselves or others, then you do not have the right to take away their rights. Why do religious fanatics think it is their job to tell people how they should or shouldn’t live their lives, if those people are not affecting other’s lives negatively? I’m sure you wouldn’t even notice if your neighbor Tom was fooling around with George. Even if they were dating for decades, I promise your life would remain the same.

Why would you go out of your way to point the finger at them when you know that you “sin” just like they do. Why would you be so interested in what other people do in their bedrooms?  It kind of makes these religious nuts, a group of perverts. Do you think that you are so high and mighty that you can change who people love?? I promise you will never be successful with that feat. No matter what kind of laws you set in action… it does not matter. No Christian epiphany will change who people love. You can only change your own perceived defects. You have no right to even try to change other people when they aren’t hurting anyone.

Why waste time and money focusing on how other people have sex? Are the gays obsessed with how YOU have sex? What if your favorite sexual position was illegal? What if you couldn’t get married because you prefer doggy style to missionary? Would you stop doing it doggy style? No. You and your partner are 2 consenting adults who are not hurting anyone by the way you have sex. The rest of the world should mind their own business and focus on something IMPORTANT that they have the power to change in their own lives.

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