Life and death

On Jan 9th I had a massive asthma attack and ended up in ICU with a tube down my throat in my lungs with a balloon. This is not my first near death experience. Why do I have to have these experiences? To learn about life and let others know about it. I have been enlightened from these experiences so it is my duty to expose these truths to others so they don’t have to go through what I have to learn them. I will just roughly say the basics and I will elaborate later.
1. The mind and thought processes have the power to kill the body and the power to take you from near death to 100% healed and healthy.
2. Religion – when people do not understand something, they make up the answers.
3. Praying is just a way of talking to yourself (your mind). Your mind has the power to create your reality. Your mind can heal you. Your mind has created and made possible everything around you right now.
4. If you cannot act morally or behave like a modern member of society then you should believe there is an invisible man in the clouds that watches your every move and thoughts and you will be punished if you are bad.
5. There is no filtering (good or bad) process after death. People cannot understand not existing anymore.


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