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How to win the war on drugs

Since the dawn of society, there have been people who enjoy escaping their reality a little and let go of their worries for a while. Who could blame them? Life is tough. Archaeological evidence proves that people were doing opium and “magic” mushrooms 10,000 years ago. These ancient drug users were not labeled by the others as being a “bad person” from doing drugs in as much that drinking beer would make them a bad person.


The government is telling modern people that they cannot get their fix and so they must suffer in sobriety. The government may think they are all high and mighty, but there is no way they are going to deter a determined tweaker. The drug user can still make, sell and do their drug… they just can’t get caught.

If the government thought that making drugs illegal would slow down the drug cartels, then they are mistaken. It is because drugs are illegal that the cartels even have a business! If drugs were legal in the US then then drugs would be fabricated by scientists in the US and the FDA would have everything inspected for safety and stamped with approval before is reaches “the drug store”. The government has relinquished control over this huge industry. Just from the year 2000 to 2010, American spent about $1 TRILLION dollars on illegal drugs and only the drug cartels are reaping the benefits. In 2016, Colorado raised $140 million dollars in tax revenue from marijuana, for just that one year.


The only way to defeat the cartel is to completely SHUT THEM DOWN. Not by brute force, that obviously hasn’t worked so far, so why keep on this insanity? The cartel DEPENDS on drugs being illegal. If you legalize it then all over the country, drug connoisseurs would be studying to get licensed so they can grow and create their own brands of drugs and sell it to people nearby, thus improving the local economy, gaining taxes and creating jobs. Violence would drop significantly since their wouldn’t be drug dealing on the streets or cartels shipping drugs into the country.

We all must learn that there are people out there who will choose to use drugs, many of them you wouldn’t even know that they are drug users. Some of them are even successful and seemingly have perfect lives. But what you can’t see is, the childhood abuse or any of their past traumas that person may have struggled through. You might not be able to see their tormenting personality disorders that need treatment. If someone cannot cope with reality anymore, then drugs could be the boost they need to stay alive and possibly live a productive life.

Veterans and others with PTSD should be allowed to do their drug of choice. They have survived severe traumas that will affect them for the rest of their life. Many of them have considered (and completed) suicide to get rid of terrifying flashbacks and because of their feeling of inability to function normally in society. If they can just get high and smile a bit, life isn’t so bad.

U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration

In fact, it has been shown that LSD helps heal PTSD and depression. Many people do drugs because they can’t afford to go to a psychologist, doctor, or they see that pharmaceuticals have horrifying side-effects and they want a better alternative. There are no street drugs I know about that cause anal leakage!


Prison = Convict University


Throwing these poor souls into prison is the last thing we should do. Young naive teenagers and adults are being sent to prison for years when they probably are overall good, innocent people. The government doesn’t realize that they are sending this large group of the population to basically, “Convict University” where the drugs users will be taught all of the tricks of the trade by real convicts. They will learn new ways of burglary, stealing, types of guns, using rape as a control mechanism and of course the best places to shoot someone so they don’t narc on you! All free of charge for you! Brought to you by US tax payers, you’re welcome!

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

When the drug user graduates from “Convict Unversity” they will receive a permanently ruined background record which will ensure that he or she can NEVER get a decent, legit job again! So where do they turn? Crime! Only now they know all these fancy new skills to try out in the real world. Lovely!

Prohibition didn’t work… why would “the war on drugs” work?


Prohibition (ban on alcohol from 1920-1933) was detrimental to our country in many ways. It was setup by a Christian women’s group, among other groups, the women believed that eradicating alcohol would improve American family life, lower crime rates and improve the national character… well, turns out, they were wrong.

Prohibiting alcohol was bad for the economy, breweries, bars and distilleries were shut down causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. While the government thought people would start spending more money on other types of entertainment instead of alcohol, people seemed to stop going out all together. Many restaurants and movie theater revenues declined massively.

The government lost 11 billion dollars in taxes and spent $300 million to enforce the ban. People started making their own alcohol, which turned out to be basically poison. On average one thousand people died every year during the prohibition because of bootleg drinks. Some people were going blind from these make-shift concoctions.


People did not slow down drinking, they just were being more sneaky and were buying drinks from Joe Bob from the woods who whipped up his own made-up liquor (which could have who-knows-what in the ingredients). The same thing is happening in the drug scene, we are buying trash drugs from crooked, shady drug dealers, when we could have the drugs be taxes, inspected for percentage of purity per unit of drugs and the ingredients checked out and approved by the FDA.

If you were a drug user, would you rather buy it from T-Bone off the streets, or a real, licensed and authorized business? The companies would have the same quality every time, rather than buying from someone on the streets and accidentally overdosing. It would be much safer for everyone.

Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, they recommend addicts to get mental treatment to heal the underlying issues causing the addiction. They are not forcing addicts to do anything or even throwing them in jail. If you want to know what happens when a country legalizes all drugs, look to Portugal because 16 years after they legalized drugs, they are actually doing much better than before. They are not flooded with addicts and their economy improved.

Finally by 1933 the 21st amendment repealed prohibition, this was the first constitutional amendment to be repealed. It was obviously important to do so. Prohibition didn’t work, so why would a war on drugs work? We can see that the war on drugs has failed since the beginning. So why are we investing so much time, effort and money on chasing rabbits? There are bigger, badder things to focus on. The only way to win “the war on drugs” is to drop all laws on drugs, causing the cartel to collapse due to former customers choosing legitimate companies to supply their needs.

prohibition14 (1).jpg


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