I’ve always loved a good idea, positive message, quote or saying. So in my lifelong pursuit of self betterment I’ve read, watched and listened to many great teachers. I actually enjoy improving myself but I really love helping other’s improve their lives. I can’t help but write down the truly life impacting and paradigm shifting thoughts. 
I wanted to reprogram some of my default thoughts so I needed to make sure I was exposed to these messages without trying. I wrote them on sticker paper, in calligraphy (or legibly)  and I stuck them on items that my eyes wandered to multiple times daily, so my mind would absorb these positive messages. Therefore, programming my subconscious into turning me into the ideal version of myself. I want to share some of those thoughts here with you.

Each of these thoughts should be read and thought about. Don’t just skim through them. Of course, not all of these thoughts will be for everyone, we are all different, Choose your favorite ones that you feel resonate with you and your future best self.

  I do highly recommend you write them (pen to paper) and put it somewhere that you look at daily or you can put them in an app you look at daily, it really does help me to think more positively. If you know someone who would benefit from reading this, feel free to brighten their day and share this to them. 

  • Understand who you are and the immense value you bring
  • Believe  and know that you have the power to control your reality
  • Start making your happiness a priority
  •  Have a creative, detailed vision of your life’s purpose/future/outcome
  •  Thoughts determine all that happens in your  life
  • Have fun in ALL SITUATIONS with whoever is there with you 
  • Do not worry about the process, think about the outcome
  • Accept yourself and other’s as they ARE  (Even if they are annoying as hell)
  • Knowledge without action is useless
  • See yourself as the badass you are becoming
  • If you can’t personally control something then you have no business worrying about it
  • Stop waiting to be ready!  Start BEFORE you are “ready”. 
  • Don’t think thoughts of fearful outcomes,  always think of what you want to happen
  • Never lie to yourself by thinking other’s can do things, that you cannot
  • Gain new beliefs about yourself
  • Do something today, to make the future you, proud of you.
  • Don’t try to suppress  the uniqueness in yourself or others
  • Never fear “failure”. “Failures” are the mandatory stepping stones to success. Be happy to get those notches on your belt, they are priceless life lessons. 
  • Pain is a part of growth. Every little struggle is growth
  • The best thing you can do is KEEP GOING! 90% of  success is just showing up!
  • Be patient but persistent in every situation
  • Everyone is entitled to be a full person
  • Be completely present in all relationships today – phone down, eye contact
  • When you release your attachments, you will release your suffering.
  • Believe in your ability to figure things out, always
  • Breathe deeper – from belly to  diagram 
  • The more you focus on the something, the more of that you  will get, so stop bitching
  • Don’t point out negative things about others. Compliment someone daily.
  • What you believe becomes reality. So be careful what you think.
  • On ANY day you can change your life, choose today
  • Journal daily – you will find solutions to  your life problems
  • Don’t care about other’s negative opinions of you and release the need for their positive opinions as well. (As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, fuck the haters, only YOU know the true you anyway, so they cannot talk.)
  • Sharpen your mind – read, use brain training and memory apps, learn daily, do NEW things
  • Teach everything you know. Share knowledge, advance humanity a bit.
  • Watch, listen and read positive messages
  • Life can happen to you, or it can happen from you
  • Repetition is key
  • Be nice today
  • Re-write your  story
  • Most bad things happen for good reasons
  • Flow with the universe, don’t push or resist it. 
  • Take the time to focus and be 100% mentally present. Be charismatic
  • Timidity is dangerous

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