My experience in Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Catastrophic and life threatening floods, large trees will be snapped and uprooted, structural damage will occur to sturdy buildings, some with complete roof and wall failure. Damage greatly accentuated by large airborne projectiles.
​August 27th 2017 9:14PM

These are the messages I’ve been hearing constantly the past few days. Is this hurricane really going to be that bad? My phone has been blowing up with emergency alerts for flash floods and tornado watches and warnings but it just appeared to be raining like normal. Then at 8:45pm, the sky just dump massive amounts of water down on Houston.

Hurricane Harvey is a category 4 and the worst hurricane the US has seen for the last 12 years. We live on the 1st floor in a condo in West Houston. Luckily we have a Jeep and it’s nice and tall, so it should be okay. Plus we drive the first 2 wheels on top of the parking block so water doesn’t flow into the engine.

Wow the emergency alert message on  just got cut off with static, then came back saying “Take cover immediately!” There’s a tornado warning too. Maybe this will be worse than I thought?

It sounded like a waterfall was outside our front door so I peaked outside and  saw that our condo’s parking lot was under 2 feet of water and the clouds were relentlessly unleashing tons of water, collecting several inches per hour. 

Tuesday August  29th 2017    12:20AM

It is still raining. Luckily it isn’t collecting on the ground anymore. I think the worst is over but each time I think that this storm is done… it explodes with water, overwhelming the bayous and reservoirs. I guess Houston let some water out of the main reservoirs in order for them to hold more water. 

The news is full of people evacuating and trudging through the mucky water. People were stuck in their attics from raising water levels. They had no way to get out of the attics and eventually drowned.  That is quite scary.

A lady was driving the first day of hurricane Harvey and ended up in 6 or 7 foot deep waters, she got out of her vehicle and she drowned. It is scary when a traumatic, natural disaster occurs but it’s that fearful, irrational thinking that can get you killed. I think 6 people have died. We are staying put. Inside is the safest place to be.

Hurricane Harvey is going to go down in weather history, people haven’t seen anything like it. Harvey went back out to the Gulf again and came back! I guess it is heading to Louisiana now. This hurricane hit landfall and sat basically in place just constantly dumping water over Houston and causing tornadoes to spin out from it.

On a more uplifting note, while being held captive in our condo that luckily held power the whole time we watched a lot of News weather. It is heartwarming to see so many citizens are volenteering to help out. They are bringing out boats and trucks to rescue Houstonians in need. They are working all through the night saving people in dire situations. It is great to see the kindness of humanity.  


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