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The 3 secret powers of ADHDers

Maybe you are one of us? One of the few people that are lucky enough to have ADHD ( Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). I am here to tell you to not fear telling others that you have this “disorder”. Growing up we have been shamed and put down because of it. Teachers tried to discipline us, hold us back and even, perhaps unknowingly, completely discourage us from even trying.

They have labeled us as a “horrible student” or  that you are basically an idiot. Taking this route with ADHDers is never fruitful. The ADHDer will eventually believe everything you have called them. If people truly believe something about themselves, you can bet they will become that.

Do not discourage a young mind with your words, no matter HOW frustrating ADHDers can be. I know, I know …. we can be a pain in the ass. ADHDers seemingly don’t listen, they flake out, they don’t do what they are supposed to be doing because they are wrapped up in their latest project… that they have been totally absorbed in for hours.

Which brings me to the first secret power of ADHDers… HYPER-FOCUS.

1. Hyper-Focus hyperfocusHeader

Hyper-focus is a special magic power that a lot of ADHDers have. Granted they have to be really interested in the topic of the project but then they will jump in head first and explore every nook and cranny of the subject. This is an indispensable trait of many of the world’s masters throughout all time. Fellow ADHDer David Neelman (CEO of Jetblue Airways) has stated “One of the weird things about the type of [ADHD] I have is, if you have something you are really, really passionate about, then you are really, really good about focusing on that thing.” so ADHD helped him become a success by hyper-focusing on his passion.

2. Ultra creative thinking

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Being ultra-creative is the ideal state to be in at this point in time because with the internet, people are expanding their minds at a faster rate. We all have the ability to share our voice, art and self with the world to help solve problems, expand minds and to entertain. ADHDers are notoriously funny and entertaining.  I mean who doesn’t love to hear or watch an ADHDer being themselves?

Notable creative ADHDers that the world loved would be Robin William, Justin Timberlake, Kurt Cobain and Jim Carrey have been very good examples of this.


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I don’t know for sure but I suspect that Kristen Wiig, Lucille Ball and Chris Farley are other examples of entertaining ADHDers.

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3. High intelligence


Many people with ADHD are extremely intelligent but they are held back because they have not yet taught themselves how to harness this great power. Having a high IQ doesn’t mean that you are immune to ADHD (or other mental disorders). If the ADHDer can figure out how to handle their hurricane of thoughts and ideas, then success is imminent. The feat of harnessing this high speed brain can be quite exhausting and many ADHDer suffer from depression.

Albert Einstein - history

A very famous person who had ADHD is Albert Einstein! He stuggled in school and he even failed his entrance exam for the Zurich Polytechnic but he still went on to change the world with his self taught, creative theories.

So if you are an ADHDer, the next time you are discouraged by people who don’t understand you, just understand that you are in a group of that includes some people who have grown through the adversity of ADHD and excelled immensely in life.


You just need to find what really sparks your interest and dive in. Once you have dove in, have patience with yourself, you won’t immediately be a master at it. Everybody sucks at first, it just depends on if you keep doing it or not. Just keep doing whatever it is and eventually you will get really good at it. Then find a way to profit from it in some way (there’s always a way) and there you go, you’ve shown everyone that ever doubted you, what a badass you really are.