50 KKK members met by 1,000 counter-protesters in Virginia and a message to KKK members

The KKK had a protest in Charlottesville, VA last Saturday because of the city council’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, and other Confederate memorabilia, from Lee park. They also plan to rename the park, Emancipation Park. A court order has ended the statue’s evacuation until a November hearing.

The protest was to start at 3pm at Lee park. 50 KKK members showed up to meet a critical mass of 1,000 counter-protesters of the KKK, ready to throw down for what they believe, that their city is modern and diverse with no room for their nonsense. Getting through the angry crowds made the KKK late to their own meeting. By the time 5PM rolls around, policemen were shooting tear gas canisters into the crowd to get people calm down, snap out of it and to evacuate the premises. At the end of the day 23 people were arrested along with a few people going to the hospital.

Klan members held signs filled with ignorance and hate towards blacks and Jewish people. When interviewed, members stated that they were there to protect white history and argued that white people alone are told they have no right to have racial pride. Personally, I (the writer of this blog) am a white, American but I have no desire to shove it in anyone’s face, nor do I have any thought of supremacy of any race. There is no race that is better than the other. Humans are human, they are all made of the same ingredients so therefore, they deserve to be treated the same as ANY other human no matter what. It’s really that simple.

It is so strange that the KKK still exists today. Does the KKK not realize that slavery is over? Or what century it is now? They have not made an impact with their white pride protests. They are a perfect example of “herd mentality” which is the thoughts and behaviors that people adopt from their peers because they are afraid of being outcast from the group.

It is a human need to feel that they belong to a group but I promise you there are better groups out there to be a part of, just use your critical thinking skills instead of blindly believing and following smooth-talking leaders. People in power know all about this phenomenon and trust me … they take advantage of naive, weak-minded people to fulfill their wishes. It has been occurring since the beginning of human civilization and the sheep are still none the wiser.

 I advise you to step back from the mental programming you’ve been through and see if anything seems wrong to you. Is your group hurting, damaging or hating anything or anyone? You have probably been subject to conformity. It’s okay we have all conformed in some way at some point in time, but sometimes, eventually we find ourselves and choose our own path in life whether the group agrees or not. You do not need the group to survive but they want you to think that horrible things will happen to you if you leave them. If you are a member of the KKK, or you want to be or you are just a huge racist then the rest of this message is for you.20150413_huss

Now it’s time for Fun with Flags (Sheldon Cooper would be so proud), that “confederate flag” you KKK members are always waving around, like it means something, is not even the correct flag. 

During the Civil War, the South went through 3 different Confederate national flags, none of which were the Confederate flag we all know. What you KKK members are waving around is just an obsolete flag that was only used on battlegrounds, so they know which direction to shoot at. So, really you are just waving around a flag that symbolizes your ignorance. The real Confederate national flag looks like this :     3rdflag

The KKK started out as a Protestant (now generally Christian) group that uses a symbol of a cross with Jesus’ blood drop in the center, which symbolizes that they believe Jesus shed his blood only for the white people, which they think is the “chosen race” (what Bible were they reading??). 

No darlings, you have been very led astray. I (unfortunately) was raised in a strict Christian home, where the Bible was pounded into my brain constantly. 

According to the Bible the chosen race by god was… hold onto your cone shaped hats… JEWS! In fact most people in Israel were Jewish even 2,000 years before Jesus even came around. In fact, JESUS WAS A JEW.

No cotton sheets will save you from this one…. JESUS WAS NOT WHITE. Yes it’s true, the Jesus figure you little clansmen hold dear to your hearts was really was a poor, dirty, homeless Israeli. Over time his figure was morphed into an attractive, white, tall, blond haired, blue eyed man with glorious shimmering abs. I guess the higher ups thought that the “pretty Jesus” would draw more people into the church, in order to program more of society’s minds and taking 10% of everyone in town’s paycheck is a nice bonus I’m sure.

So, what if Jesus (from 2000 years ago) wanted to be in your Aryan group? He wouldn’t even have had an option of joining your group because he isn’t white AND he’s a Jew. The 2 main things you spend all your time dwelling on how much you hate, is what the god you worship, really was.

So now you are awake, read on to realize some more of reality.

US. Constitution ›

13th Amendment [Ended slavery in 1865… FYI it is currently 2017]

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

also take a look at

14th Amendment Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Don’t be so fearful of people you do not understand. The more you hold on to these antiquated beliefs, the more you are unknowingly increasing stagnancy and the deterioration of the human civilization. Take off your ghost costume, you aren’t fooling anyone. Put out your torches… it is the year 2017… you probably have a “flashlight” app on your phone right now. Slavery has been done with since 1865… give it up, you are not bringing that shit back.

So if you really are proud to be American then you should read the US. constitution, or read a history book or even watch a YouTube about the constitution because that is what a real American holds true. Also, your best choice is to walk away from this ridiculous embarrassment of a group called the KKK. The hate they preach will tear you down internally … for no rational reason. 

All who read this are human and we are all equal everyone is welcome to join freedom. Where you are free to be yourself and make your own beliefs as YOU see fit.


The truth about gay marriage

If you still believe in ancient texts like the Bible, Quran or Koran, Talmud … any religious books… you might believe that gay people are sinners and do not deserve to have rights like you do (even though you are a sinner as well).

If people are not hurting themselves or others, then you do not have the right to take away their rights. Why do religious fanatics think it is their job to tell people how they should or shouldn’t live their lives, if those people are not affecting other’s lives negatively? I’m sure you wouldn’t even notice if your neighbor Tom was fooling around with George. Even if they were dating for decades, I promise your life would remain the same.

Why would you go out of your way to point the finger at them when you know that you “sin” just like they do. Why would you be so interested in what other people do in their bedrooms?  It kind of makes these religious nuts, a group of perverts. Do you think that you are so high and mighty that you can change who people love?? I promise you will never be successful with that feat. No matter what kind of laws you set in action… it does not matter. No Christian epiphany will change who people love. You can only change your own perceived defects. You have no right to even try to change other people when they aren’t hurting anyone.

Why waste time and money focusing on how other people have sex? Are the gays obsessed with how YOU have sex? What if your favorite sexual position was illegal? What if you couldn’t get married because you prefer doggy style to missionary? Would you stop doing it doggy style? No. You and your partner are 2 consenting adults who are not hurting anyone by the way you have sex. The rest of the world should mind their own business and focus on something IMPORTANT that they have the power to change in their own lives.



Last week I went to the ER because of stomach pains. They asked me to fill a cup with urine and I filled it with blood. I had a horrible kidney infection and I am still not 100% mentally or physically healed, so bare with me… I just need to get this out there.
I’m not saying that last week was life threatening (although it could have been) but I’ve had several near death experiences… like being in the ICU for 3 weeks for one of them and an ICU stay for a week. That is  very traumatic and life transforming (I don’t recommend it). During the 3 week stay I had an appendectomy go wrong in surgery and became peritonitis… you can google that. 

So I was wanting to do an experiment… with my life on the line… so I could share my findings with the world (you).
So, first off, you’re welcome! LoL just playing but what I did was tell god that he he is not real and that I am going to pray to Santa Clause and see if i get any results.santa-claus-orig

Well I was in pain but I gradually got better. Thank you Santa!! LoL  jk!

I was raised Christian but secretly I always had my doubts.  Seriously,  we are not naive as ancient cultures. We are starting to actually QUESTION things in our life. 

But religions do NOT want you questioning anything they say… “just believe!”. Sure believing does make you feel good and all snug and cozy in our blanket made of love sewn together by pretty floating, (invisible) angels and a beautiful “God” or “Allah” or whoever is your choice in a (invisible) all mighty ruler of the world (or so we’ve been told). Religion comes prepackaged with a “father” who is always there to “save” you but he will  send your ass straight to hell if you break his rules. And you will burn for all eternity (what happened to forgiveness?).


I was taught that you believe everything you hear in church is the truth (with no evidence). BLIND faith joins you to the sheep herd waiting to be slaughtered but they think it’s feeding time

.                           Sheep_WeAnimals-6739

You are probably wonder who is this person who thinks they can disprove all religions??? Blasphemy!! Now I’m not trying to piss people off or make fun of them for truly believing these religious texts and what not. Some people really have to rely that there is a god or they will fall to pieces. But doesn’t it also tear you to pieces when every time you pray… the only response comes from ….. yourself? Yet you try to trick yourself into thinking “God” was talking to you. It’s the same as people who try to trick themselves into believing in aliens or ghosts. It just feels funner to believe in such nonsense but that doesn’t mean it’s right. 2134175-Time-to-work-clock-face-and-money-background-Stock-Photo

It really kind of pains me to see how much money and time so many people are investing into something that is just as valid as Greek mythology. We all have talents to share with the world but we are wasting our lives on something that is sadly not true.
When I was a child, I always believed in god because my parents told me the Bible is true. In every child’s mind initially they see their parents as being the true in it’s purest form and should never be questioned. Now, I’m not saying our parents are liars because they probably truly believe what they told you. Their parents told them they same shit. But they aren’t bad for telling you. I mean most of religion is about basically being a “good” person. I am all about being a good person and benefiting society in some way. Which is why I am writing this article.

Religion is basically about having an invisible “father” guiding your way through life and most of all making sure when you die, you don’t go to hell. Hell is always a terrifying place of torture. That will scare anyone to not want to book a trip there. It should at least make them mind their P’s and Q’s in public so they don’t look like one of those horrific “sinners”!
Americans and their version of Christianity is a total facade. They like to think of their Jesus to be a tall, handsome, blond, blue-eyed and heaven forbid we forget about his diamond cut abs!


This is laughable because if there was a guy named Jesus back then, he would look like a random homeless arab. Christians would never bow down to that guy. Actually+he+wouldn+t+have+looked+like+either+_c996e01374391fd0081a7fe76fa616a3

All I am saying is that if you must imagine a god to talk to and to help you feel more secure then why not learn to rely on yourself? You may feel “weak” and unable to traverse through life on your own but that is what you have been told to believe. I promise you can do this all by yourself. You are not a “bad” person if you don’t go to church every Sunday.

 You are only a “bad” person if you hurt others or yourself. That is it. So put your head up and focus on what is REAL in life. Focus on your passions in life, not what others tell you to focus on.