Existentialism a Better Way to Live

Do you know who you are? Do you know your life’s purpose? Are you wasting your life away on tasks assigned by someone else? Do you rely on “God” to show you what to do? We are born and we have no pre-defined purpose for existing but we have free will to search for answers in a world that has no answers to give. We must seek out our own answers.

The philosophy of existentialism became popular after World War II where many people saw the horrific acts of the Nazis and realized that there is not a moral deity watching over them, punishing the bad and rewarding the good. So therefore, we are all responsible for steering our own life’s direction.


Existentialists believe that we are all born a unique individual that cannot be stereotyped or grouped together with values or meaning given to us by society, government or even our parents. We are defined by our actions not our words. What happens in our life, just happens, whether or not you are a “good” or “bad” person. Existentialism is for people who aren’t happy with their life and need something more real than religion can serve on a silver platter.

So maybe your life’s goals aren’t really to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and then die. That’s just how you were brought up to believe. It may be surprising to think that you can be an amazing human even if you choose to not follow these archaic guidelines of life, in order for you to hone in on your craft and change the world.

You don’t have to add to the overpopulation problem because some ancient ideas (when population was low) said that you should have as many babies as possible so we can populate the planet. This is not relevant anymore. We now have an overpopulation problem and no paradigms are updated to this fact. Having babies to make your mom happy or because you are bored, lonely or to try and fix your marriage is a horrible choice to make. In unhappy marriages, after having children, the marriage will be stressed to the max and possibly fall apart.

You don’t even have to get married if you don’t get along with people and are more content being by yourself. You don’t have to go to college in order work for someone else to be successful, in fact working for a boss is the WORST way to make money. Surprise!


The unexamined life isn’t worth living so you must look at your life and see how you could tweak it. Some people are afraid to sit down and analyze their life because of existential fears.

Existential fears:




Freedom and Responsibility

We are completely free to choose how we live life and it is our responsibility to make those choices and not let someone else do it for you. We will all eventually have to accept and exist with the above issues. You must consider them before it’s too late. Avoiding reality is not going to change it.

Existential therapy helps people to learn to take responsibility for their life, their decisions; and how to choose paths that are in alignment with their new found beliefs. This is will help them to live a happier and more authentic life. The therapist is not some snooty psychologist, but a fellow human who has experienced existential anxiety has found some ways to help guide others through their path of acceptance of the inevitabilities of life.

One of the founders of Existentialism Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) has stated

“You might assume that there’s some authority figure you could look to for answers, but all of the authorities you can think of are fake. Those authorities are really just people like you – people who don’t have any answers, people who had to figure out for themselves how to live.”

He has said that “the best way to live your life is authentically and that if there are no guidelines to life, then each of us is forced to design our own moral code, to invent a morality to live by.”


Existentialism states that there is not an inherent reason for the universe, the world or anyone in it. If you want to have importance or meaning, the truth is that you must create it for yourself. Any meaning your life has is because you have created and given it to yourself. No one else is you, therefore no one else can tell you your purpose. You choose your meaning by the values you have hand picked beforehand and by the things you do.

If you would rather accept someone else’s idea for your purpose, then you have what Sartre has described as “bad faith” or burying your head in the sand and pretending that there is meaning naturally in the world.


The Foundations of Existentialism

We must devise our own meaning in life, not accept someone else’s (or the group’s) entire philosophy. We should explore philosophy’s and choose or create which ideas resonate with you.

Existentialism believes that we should look within to find our own individual meanings. We are all different and do not all follow the same path to personal fulfillment. A person is best when they are struggling against their individual nature, fighting to improve their life.

We are unique because of the decisions we’ve made throughout life. We continually evolve into the person we create, by the daily choices we make.

Anxiousness is natural and we must deal with it in order to live authentically.

We each have an abundance of freedom and we can think in any way we see fit. No police or government or religion has any power over what you think about or choose to do with your life. They want you to believe that they have power over your life. When you are alone they want you to think you are being observed by some invisible man or maybe big brother is watching, so that you always behave in accordance to their beliefs.

Search for your reason of existing, try things out and Google it. Take everything with a grain of salt and use your fascinating, powerful brain to manifest your own custom, personal philosophy. Establishing your outlook and beliefs will make you a more confident, strong, happy and intelligent human being.

What meaning or purpose will you give yourself today?


5 Stages to Change Your Life Forever

Are you excited about your life? Are you pursuing your passions? Or are you miserable a lot of the time? You don’t deserve to live a life that doesn’t make you happy.  In order for you to rise above this stage in life you will need to stop and reconsider your life’s direction.  

 Stage 1: The Pre-contemplation Stage

Realize you have built this world for yourself, so you have the power to re-model it, however you choose.

 So often we get in the habit of floating down the lazy river of life. We  don’t do  a “life inventory” as often as we should. You are your most important relationship you will ever  have, don’t neglect yourself. 

Stage 2: Contemplation Stage:
So now you are thinking about the areas of your life that cause you unnecessary stress or even make you  depressed. You know that there are actions you need to take in order for you to change.
Now it’s time to prepare!

Stage 3  The Preparation/Determination  Stage:

So, you’ve  decided to do something about it. Good! Know that you have the power to steer your life in any direction you choose. It’s your  life.  You grab a notebook and write down the parts of your life that are not fulfilling you or  leading you to your ultimate  goals. Write out your current problems  in life and the solutions for each item. 

Take your  “Problems/Solutions” list and Google your solutions and how you can achieve them, write it down. Focus on the solutions, not the problems. Break each solution down into small steps and then prioritize them. 
 These are the tasks that will  change your life. 
Perhaps you have been denying and ignoring these issues for most of your life,  so why wouldn’t you do the same thing today?  Just do the first item. Don’t think  about it, you might talk yourself out of it. 

Imagine the benefits you will gain from adopting these new behaviors and skills. This should help fuel your motivation to attain these goals. 
If you don’t talk yourself into why you need these different behaviors then your mind will blow it off and go back to default settings (where it loves being). Know that those default settings aren’t working and they need to be tweaked. 

Take your goals seriously, this list not a list of things you’d like to have someday when the time is “right”. Do not wait for the time to be “right” to start something. Start before you are ready! That is the fastest way to learn,  just jump right in! Turn your solutions into your new habits and take them seriously.

 Stage 4 The Action Stage:
Now, you start the first step. You start doing the things you need to do in order to improve your life like: meditating, doing Yoga, controlling your anger, hanging out around positive go-getters,  you manage your time better so you can do things you enjoy or maybe you find your passion? Do the solutions you chose on a regular basis. Keep that “Problems/Solutions” list in a place you will see it often. 

Stage 5 Maintenance Stage:
Setup a system to help you through the rough parts of your mission. Join a group that is focused on your goal on Meetup.com. That way you can be around people who are striving for the same goals. 
Set a reminder on your phone to go off every day at your designated time for you to do that task. When your reminder alerts you, stop what you are doing, don’t think and start the task. Starting is the hardest part, so you might need to just shove yourself right into it.
 After that, it will be so much easier, you will be motivated to blast through obstacles on your path because you know that you are taking control of your life and heading towards your dreams.

Are you living like a robot, programmed by your parents and society?

Do you know if you’ve been programmed? Do you feel free to say, do or wear whatever you want? Are you religious? Do you think a perfect life consists of going to college, getting married and having kids, getting a degree and working in that field for the rest of your life whether or not it is your passion or if you even like it?

Is that all what you REALLY want for your life? Would making your parents proud of you, make the inner you, satisfied with what you’ve done with your life?

I am not the wisest of all people but I am a truth seeker and within truth is wisdom. I have had years of contemplation, several near-death experiences and I believe that life is invaluable and should be treasured while you have it. One should never waste their life just to appease other people. If you don’t plan your life (or program yourself), someone else will, and that most likely won’t be to your benefit.

We have one thing in life and that is life. This is the ONE AND ONLY TIME that you get to be here alive. Do not waste it trying to fulfill your parent’s (or your friend’s) fantasies and religious belief’s their parents programmed into them.  

You don’t have to live the ideal life of someone, a generation before you wanted. Things change. The Cold War is OVER. We no longer should think we have to go to college, get married, pay taxes, have kids and die. There is much more to living than being a human clone and hoping nobody notices that you are a weirdo inside.


Psst! We are all weirdos inside and everyone else is hiding it too. Break out of the facade and be brave enough to let your inner weirdness out. People might be inspired by you and bust out of their illusion of normalcy also. You were not meant to be a robot you were meant to be a unique individual.

Screw it if people think you are weird … they just don’t have the balls to express their inner weirdness. Weird is good. People that talk shit about you are not the people you WANT to be around anyway. So simply tell them to look the other way if they don’t like what they see.

If they cannot pry themselves away from obsessing about you then just block, ignore or unfriend them. Seriously, even family. You are not a bad person if you choose to not listen to negativity from people in your family. They don’t deserve to be able to talk to you if they can’t be supportive or nice. You are worth more than that and bloodlines do not mean you have to be at the mercy to their passive aggressive comments for life.pexels-photo-320007

You don’t have time for that BS. You are rarer than any diamond. You are the ONLY YOU EVER. Take that bit of advice seriously when you think of picking up that call or responding defensively to a hater’s text. You don’t have to defend yourself to them. That’s not your job to prove your worthiness… just know you are worthy no matter what ANYONE says, have quiet, unbreakable confidence.

So to recap, realize that is YOUR job to program yourself how you see fit. Relationships will come and go throughout life but the one you have with yourself will be with you till your last breath. So, you might as well get along with yourself, do work that you are passionate about and live your life according to your standards.